Why MTG Oil Stinks

Many African American women are using M-T-G Oil to stimulate and increase their hair growth. Despite the increased length, many are deterred or turned off by the unpleasant odor of this grimy, yellow oil. It’s smell reminisces smoked bacon and well … it just smells really bad. Many ladies were supposing the repulsive scent to… Continue reading Why MTG Oil Stinks

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Mineral Rich and Natural Hair Growth

A few years ago I viewed a video on YouTube by a beautiful African American lady who revealed the truth about African American Hair growth and presented a product that aided in increased growth for her hair. Her channel name is Honesty Love. The Product is Mineral Rich by Maximum Living. Honesty love is such a… Continue reading Mineral Rich and Natural Hair Growth

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Jamaican Fried Dunplings

Here is a recipe for an essential element to a classic Jamaican breakfast. Fried dumplings are the Jamaican equivalent of biscuits, although they are not eaten as frequently as the American biscuit. Jamaicans love to eat fried dumplings for a traditional Sunday morning breakfast, holiday breakfasts, or community socials. This recipe makes a large batch,… Continue reading Jamaican Fried Dunplings

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Jotting of social progress…

   I love Facebook’s current login photo? Because, yes, even though we’re in the #twentyfirst #century, we don’t see images like this in prominent spaces. Observe the symbolism of this cute couple: the lady is leading the man who is open and willing to follow and support her – womensrights and equality. There is a… Continue reading Jotting of social progress…

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FrugalFind – Antonio Melani Odetah Pointed-Toe Black Pumps 

I finally have a pair of classic black pumps. These shoes are super comfortable and i ‘m confident that they will last a good long while. Theses are very versatile in terms of styling. I have worn these with my full business suit, and with a pink shift dress so they cover the gammit. See… Continue reading FrugalFind – Antonio Melani Odetah Pointed-Toe Black Pumps 

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FrugalFind – Sperry Topsiders Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoes

(Sorry for the long over-titled title. Authentic-Original sounds like an over the top name) Thank God for mothers! I may have a decent frugal detector but my mom’s frugal detector is like sonar radar!! It’s powered by years of experience and supercharged with good womanly intuition. My mom’s motto is quality, quality, quality. She always searches for clothing… Continue reading FrugalFind – Sperry Topsiders Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoes

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How to Clean Leather Shoes (Interior)

I am into frugal living which means that I shop at thrift and consignment shops a lot. Sometimes the shoes are brand new in pristine condition, other times they are clearly less than optimal. But that’s not a problem!! I have lots of elbow grease and google to find lots of DIY cleaning options. Here’s… Continue reading How to Clean Leather Shoes (Interior)