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VIDEO | HOW TO MAKE VEGAN THREE-CHEESE LASAGNA (Vegan + Quick + Yummy) | Recipe | The Frugal Curlytop


Hey Guys!

I just uploaded my Vegan Three-Cheese Lasagna Recipe Video!! I show every step in complete detail that I followed to make this vegan lasagna recipe. You can follow the video along with the complete recipe that I blogged about here:  Three-Cheese Vegan Lasagna Recipe

Buon Appetitio!

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HOW TO Apply Mascara on Super Curly Eyelashes Tutorial // Lengthen + Define Curly Lashes

If you have short, super curly lashes, you will understand what a hassle they can be at times? I certainly do! Applying mascara has always been a huge struggle and for so long I couldn’t understand why. But here I share the reason for that and a secret tip for dealing with curly lashes so that they… Continue reading HOW TO Apply Mascara on Super Curly Eyelashes Tutorial // Lengthen + Define Curly Lashes


WARBY PARKER // GIRL + GLASSES // Morris Frame – Glasses Review!

So I finally received my Warby Parker Glasses!! I’m so excited!! I selected the Morris frame style and it came in the color medium. Watch my review below:   To Watch my video about my Warby Parker’s Home Try-on Experience click here: WARBY PARKER Home Try-on Unboxing + Review      


WARBY PARKER Home Try-on Unboxing + Review

Here is a video of my review of Warby Parker’s Home try on experience.  The Home try-on is this amazingly cool option that  Warby Parker offers. You select 5 pairs of lenses and they send them to you for free to try on and see which one you like best. After you’ve tried them, you… Continue reading WARBY PARKER Home Try-on Unboxing + Review

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Vegan Tuna Salad

Ingredients: 1 12 oz.               Roll of Cedar Lake Veggie Tuna 1  cup                  Vegan Mayonnaise 3/4 cup              Celery, finely diced 3/4 cup              Cucumber, finely diced 2/3 cup    … Continue reading Vegan Tuna Salad

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St. Augustine and Dostoyevsky on Evil

The Depravity of Human Nature St. Augustine of Hippo In his piece The Depravity of Human Nature, St. Augustine seeks to discover insight regarding the inner workings of the human soul in regards to evil. He opens his heart in inquiry to God, acknowledging God as the only source of goodness, truth, and safety. St Augustine defines… Continue reading St. Augustine and Dostoyevsky on Evil

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Jamaican Vegetarian Ackee

Well prepared Ackee is a dish that every Jamaican loves. Ackee is a yellow fruit that is eaten in many Caribbean countries. The raw fruit is very poisonous. The toxins in the unripe fruit are believed to be the cause of the Jamaican Vomiting Sickness. So, it is cooked and eaten as a savory dish.… Continue reading Jamaican Vegetarian Ackee